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Why are more and more people choosing to use ICF construction to build their homes

Compared to ordinary people, ICF construction is faster than the commonly used wood frame houses, and the safety of the houses is also very high. The construction period of the wooden structure house is generally about 40-60 days, compared with the building time of the ICF module, it only takes about 10 days to complete the main body of the house. Now many houses are using this model, which greatly saves the construction cycle, and the life of the house is also greatly increased.


I. Advantages and disadvantages of IICF construction

(1) ICF construction is warm in winter and cool in summer, and also has the function of earthquake resistance, moisture resistance and salt alkali resistance.

(2) ICF construction has good fire performance, strong structural stability, burning for more than two hours will not shrink, fall off.

(4) The dovetail groove on the outer surface of the ICF construction room forms a firm organic bite with the coating layer to avoid cracking and falling off.

(5) ICF construction has the advantages of low overall construction cost, short construction period, simple construction, low labor intensity, and low skill requirements for construction personnel.


Ii. What are the precautions for ICF construction

At present, it is not suitable for high-rise buildings, and it is very good for villas and cold storage. ICF construction is a kind of composite wall self-built house, which is made of polystyrene foam cavity board as the internal and external insulation layer of the building wall, and reinforced concrete bearing layer is poured in the cavity. The construction process is very simple, the construction speed is fast, the insulation performance is high, the shock resistance is good and the price is cheap.

What is the cost of ICF construction

The overall cost of ICF construction will be more expensive than the price of wood structure building, because it is a new type of building materials, in the construction of the professional construction team to operate. At present, the price of building a square meter in the market is about 200 dollars. However, the cost of each region will vary due to some objective reasons, and this price is for reference only.


When using ICF construction to build a house, the following is the general construction process:

1. Design and planning: First, work with architects and engineers to develop design drawings and plans for the house. This includes determining the size, layout and function of the house.

2. Prepare materials: Before starting construction, it is necessary to prepare the ICf module and other required building materials, such as cement, steel bars, connectors, etc.

3. Foundation engineering: Before building a house, it is necessary to carry out foundation engineering, including foundation excavation, foundation cushion and underground pipeline layout. This is an important step to ensure the stability and durability of the building.

4. ICF construction assembly: Assemble the prefabricated ICF construction according to the design drawing and plan. ICF construction usually has connectors and notches that make it easy to install and secure. Parts such as walls, roofs and floors can be constructed using ICF construction.

5. Reinforcement and connection: When installing ICF construction, use appropriate connectors and adhesives to reinforce walls and other components and ensure their stability and durability.


6. Improve the internal installation: Once the skeleton of the house is built, the internal installation work can be carried out, such as pipes, wires, doors and Windows, floors and wall decoration.

7. Waterproofing and decoration: Waterproof the house and apply the decorative surface of the external and internal walls to enhance the visual appeal and durability of the house.

8. Inspection and acceptance: Finally, strict quality inspection and acceptance procedures are carried out to ensure that the house complies with safety standards and building regulations.

It is important to note that the specific process of ICF construction may vary depending on the size of the project, design requirements and local building codes. It is recommended to consult a professional architect or engineer for detailed advice and guidance before the actual construction, or you can contact us and we can provide technical guidance.


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Address:806 South Tower, Zhongheng Building, Chang 'an District, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province