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How does foam build a house process and effect

In recent years, various new building materials have also emerged, and the EPS module using "foam building" is one of them. How effective is this "bubble building"? Today, the protagonist of the sun home, Mr. Wang with his own personal experience to tell you.

How does foam build a house process and effect

Mr. Wang, the building surface of this house is a total of 300 square meters, the main floor tiles with doors and Windows are charged according to 1000 yuan a square meter, and the main cost is about 300,000 yuan. As for why choose EPS module to build a house? Mr. Wang said: "First, insulation, the northern winter is cold, and EPS module building insulation effect is good; The second is to save worry, EPS module building process is relatively simple, the time is also shorter, save worry and effort."

First, the actual shooting

The facade shape is square and atmospheric, making the house posture more simple and beautiful. The transparent glass element makes the living room spacious and bright, and the balcony design is beautiful and practical, further enriching the appearance of the villa.

Second, the plane layout

The interior layout is simple and practical, and the design of the elderly room is intimate and reasonable, which conforms to the living habits of the family, and creates a warm and comfortable home for the family.

Third, the construction process

Step 1: Demolish the old house

Step 2: Dig the strip foundation groove and make the strip foundation.

As with the brick-concrete structure, the first step is also the foundation construction, the foundation excavation, the positioning of the line, the pouring of the cushion, the construction of the base frame.

How does foam build a house process and effect

After the foundation is completed, the construction of the main body of the building begins. The EPS modules shipped from the factory are inserted into the reserved longitudinal steel bars in order, and then the transverse steel bars are inserted according to the drawing. For each part of the construction, the cavity is filled with concrete and poured tightly.

In fact, the EPS module is equivalent to the template of the cast-in-place house, but the EPS building does not need to remove the module, and the house also has a layer of insulation.

In this way, the house built with "foam" has good thermal insulation effect and the construction process is fast. And it is full of concrete cast-in-place, the overall performance is good, shock resistance is also good.

The third step: after the completion of the main wall decoration, the exquisite two-story building has taken shape.

The construction period of the whole villa was short, from the demolition of the old house to the decoration of only 4 months. Another advantage of EPS house construction is that the labor intensity in the construction process is not large, and the technical requirements are not high.

A spacious courtyard with a variety of recreational facilities to add more fun to family life.

A swing set in the yard is safe and does not cost a lot of money, and children love to play.

Excavated vegetable garden in the yard, you can plant garlic seedlings, scallions, cooking noodles and fried vegetables, sprinkle some of their own scallions, clean and sanitary. You can also grow flowers and plants and decorate the garden.

Fourth, interior decoration

Entrance design hall, red brown screen with red color Great Wall map, very eye-catching, to create an elegant atmosphere.

The design restaurant on the right side, the integrated design of the living room foyer restaurant, the open layout is more transparent. Put a mahogany cabinet for easy storage of clutter and decorate the dining room atmosphere.

The embellishment of Chinese elements, the details can better highlight the taste of the owner, reflecting the unique charm of traditional Chinese home culture.

The table is full of food, family reunion, children drink drinks, adults drink a few cups, with rich dishes, full of life.

Large area of glass elements in the living room, lighting and ventilation conditions are good. The balcony outside the living room is designed for viewing and drying. After watching TV on the sofa for a long time, you can go to the balcony to relax your eyes and breathe fresh air. If the weather is good and the sun is out, you can also take your clothes out to dry to prevent them from getting wet and moldy.

The lighting and ventilation conditions of the bedroom are good, and the family living experience is good.

The children's room is designed with a small desk and a small bookcase to create an independent and warm learning environment for children. After studying in the evening, you can go to bed early and rest for the next day's school.


Service hotline

Address:806 South Tower, Zhongheng Building, Chang 'an District, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province