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How to design modern residential design

Design name: Bright and simple modern residence

Design style: modern simple style

Design concept: Through spacious and transparent space design, emphasis on functionality but also pay attention to aesthetic needs, the use of simple lines and materials, to create an avant-garde, free space atmosphere.

Design elements:

Color: Mainly white, grey and black are used as the base tone to increase the sense of openness and brightness of the space.

Material: A large number of modern new materials such as tempered glass and stainless steel are used, supplemented by wood and stone elements to form a sharp contrast.

Lighting: The combination of natural light and modern lamps is emphasized to create a comfortable and warm atmosphere.

Furniture: Choose furniture with simple lines and modern shapes, and pay attention to the texture and process details of the material.

Soft decoration: Emphasizes the importance of soft decoration in the overall design, focusing on the unity of color, material and style.

Space layout:

The open layout of the space emphasizes the permeability and fluidity of the space.

The living room, dining room and kitchen are designed to be integrated with good natural light and air circulation.

Bedrooms and study rooms are set up to ensure privacy while also meeting functional needs.

The toilet adopts the design of dry and wet separation to improve the use efficiency.

Detailed design description:

Living room: Large area of glass window to ensure sufficient natural light. Sofa choose simple lines and materials, with personalized throw pillows and carpets, add warmth. The TV wall is designed with glass and wood elements to increase the permeability of the space.

Dining room: Connected to the living room, the dining table and chairs in a simple style are decorated with light cloth and plants to create a relaxed and pleasant dining atmosphere.

Kitchen: Open design with stainless steel and glass cabinets and worktops adds a modern feel to the space.

Bedroom: The master bedroom uses simple beds and soft furnishings such as curtains and sheets to create a quiet and comfortable sleeping environment. The second bedroom can be set up as a children's room, with colorful furniture and soft furnishings to meet the aesthetic needs of children.

Study room: Use a simple desk and chair, with green plants and decorative paintings, to create a relaxed and pleasant working environment.

Toilet: The design of dry and wet separation, the use of glass and stainless steel shower partition and vanity cabinet, improve the efficiency of space use.

In general, the design creates a spacious, bright and free space through a modern minimalist style of decoration, which meets both functional and aesthetic needs. At the same time, the perfect cooperation of soft decoration is the key to modern style furniture decoration, and the unity of color, material and style makes the whole space more harmonious and beautiful.


Service hotline

Address:806 South Tower, Zhongheng Building, Chang 'an District, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province