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What is the disadvantage of concrete house? What is the best type of concrete house?

Concrete structure mainly includes plain concrete structure, reinforced concrete structure and prestressed concrete structure, etc., which are often used in buildings, but many people do not understand concrete structure, so what are the advantages and disadvantages of concrete structure? Next, Xiaobian to introduce the relevant content, let's have a look.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of concrete structure


Concrete house frame structure has the following advantages:

1. Light and good stiffness: the concrete house frame structure has a strong carrying capacity and stiffness, and can support a large load, and at the same time, the structural weight is relatively light.

2. Adjustable scale: The concrete house frame structural components can be flexibly matched and spliced according to needs, which can expand or reduce the building scale.

3. Fast construction speed: Because the concrete house frame structure components are more standardized, and the engineering amount is large and the repeatability is strong, the construction speed is faster.

4. Long service life: high-strength materials such as steel and concrete are generally used for concrete house frame structural components, which have a relatively long service life and are easy to maintain.

The main disadvantages of concrete houses are:

1. High design requirements: The bearing capacity and stiffness of concrete house frame structure are affected by many factors such as materials, connection methods and parameters, which puts forward higher requirements for design.

2. Fire prevention measures are required: the components of the concrete house frame structure are generally conductive materials such as metal, and fire prevention measures need to be taken.

3.. There are corrosion problems: the structural components of concrete housing frames are generally metal and other materials, which are susceptible to corrosion, and corresponding measures need to be taken in the design and construction.

The frame structure is suitable for various types of buildings, especially for high-rise large buildings, long-span Bridges and large industrial plants and other buildings and facilities. Due to the characteristics of short construction period, easy installation of equipment and wide applicability, it has been widely used in modern buildings.


What should we pay attention to in strengthening concrete house structure

1, first of all, before the reinforcement should find a special agency on-site testing, according to the results of the negotiation of the appropriate reinforcement program, and then need to find a company with building reinforcement qualifications for construction. After completion of construction, the safety level of concrete structure reinforcement shall be determined by Party A and the reinforcement design company through discussion based on the importance of the structure, the degree of damage and the service life.

2, the construction of concrete houses should be combined with the actual situation and technology, and the common stress of the added components and the original components should be considered. If the concrete structure is damaged due to factors such as vibration, high temperature and uneven foundation, it needs to be strengthened in a targeted manner and should be constructed strictly in accordance with the design scheme.

The following mainly introduces the concrete house structure form;

Frame structure

Frame structure is the most common and most used form of building structure.

Frame structure is not only our common reinforced concrete frame structure, it has a variety of frame forms. Broadly speaking, the frame structure is a kind of building structure, which refers to the use of steel, concrete, wood and other components to build a "frame", and then cover other building materials on it to form an overall building structure.

There are also different types of frame junctions


For example:

1. Steel frame structure: steel frame structure is a structural system composed of steel bars, steel pipes, steel plates and other components. Its advantages are strong bearing capacity, easy processing of materials, short construction period, suitable for high-rise buildings, sports venues and other long-span buildings.

2. Concrete frame structure: Concrete frame structure is a structural system composed of concrete components. Its advantages are good toughness, low cost, suitable for residential buildings, factories and other buildings, the scope of application is also the broadest, while the earthquake resistance is better.

3. Steel-concrete frame structure: Steel-concrete frame structure is a structural system composed of reinforced concrete components. Its advantage is that reinforced concrete components have lower price and higher strength than steel components, and are suitable for high-rise buildings, Bridges, airport terminals and other large public buildings.

4. Wood frame structure: Wood frame structure is a structural system composed of wood components. Its advantage is that it has a natural beauty and is suitable for residential buildings, villas and other buildings.

On the whole


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