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How long concrete houses last

The life of concrete is generally 60 years. The stability and durability of concrete is very good, as long as there is no natural disaster or man-made strong damage, the strength of concrete will not be damaged, reduced, and the life can reach 60 years. However, on the premise of safety, the concrete floor will be renovated once every 60 years, after all, climate and man-made disasters may occur. In addition, due to the expansion and destruction of concrete itself, if no countermeasures are taken, the life will be greatly shortened.


Concrete construction precautions include what

1, when the concrete into the mold, can not be poured into the impact template or steel skeleton at one time, when the concrete pouring height of more than 2 meters, should be used for chute tube feeding, in addition, should be noted that the distance from the discharge pipe mouth to the pouring layer can not exceed 1.5 meters.

2, after the concrete is mixed, it must be used within five hours, so as to avoid the phenomenon of cold cracks in the concrete pouring process. In addition, the pouring time between the two concrete before and after can not be more than one and a half hours, and the vibrating rod must be used to continue to stir at the handover place.

3, concrete in the process of pouring, must continue to use vibrator agitation, when the surface of the concrete floating slurry, no bubbles, will not sink after the agitation can be stopped.

4, when the concrete is about to be poured, it should be estimated the amount of concrete and the amount of remaining concrete, if it is still needed, then it is necessary to contact the mixing station in advance for reasonable arrangement and scheduling.

5, when the concrete is poured, be sure to use the scraper to scrape the surface of the concrete. After the concrete is scraped, the surface of the concrete needs to be brushed with a brush.

6, when the surface of the concrete after two or three times of pressure, must be covered in time. After the concrete finally sets, it is also necessary to sprinkle water on the surface of the concrete so that the surface of the concrete is fully wet.

7, then also need to use plastic film to seal the surface of the concrete, and should often check whether there is water on the surface of the plastic film, if there is no water on the surface of the plastic film, then it should be sprayed again. Under normal circumstances, the roof of the three underground layers or the underground mezzanine needs to be maintained for about 7 days, and the roof maintenance time of the underground layer takes about 14 days.


Service hotline

Address:806 South Tower, Zhongheng Building, Chang 'an District, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province